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DCI Contract Interiors, a division of DCI Commercial Interiors Ltd established with the sole purposes of creating customised furniture solutions for the contract, leisure and hospitality markets in Ireland.
Our starting point is the belief your place of business should express your brand and we work with you to create a design experience as unique as your furniture. Our team of top-tier talent bring significant, meaningful design expertise and take pride in meeting and exceeding your needs. We love what we do and have a passion for excellence. We keep a smile on our faces and when we do our job right, we look forward to seeing one on yours.


We empower our customers to optimise their creative potential and to challenge our thinking as we challenge theirs. We need to work together towards having your furniture positioned in space that tangibly represents the best of who you are and what we do best.
CONCEPT & DESIGN Contract Furniture in Ireland
Your contract furniture project begins with our actively listening and learning about your business. We like to know the structure, identity, culture, needs and the overall vision for your space. Our creative design team develop furniture layout concepts based on what was learned. We then work with you in a collaborative process. Your valuable direct input and feedback is incorporated at every step from concept to an approved design.
CREATE & INSTALL Contract Furniture in Ireland
With an approved design we can now bring your ideas to life. We bring exclusivity matched to value for money and comfort. Your furniture will be pleasing to see, touch and feel and with coordinated contemporary colours that blend with space and create an ambiance your clientele will love. In addition, our products are also designed to be hardwearing and suitable for severe contract use, if that is what is required. We also offer a source and supply service which means you send us a picture of what you need, and we will do our utmost to supply the same product at a better price.As time is money, your deadline for delivery is a non-negotiable priority. Our integrated project management team take ownership of and guide you through a comprehensive installation process to ensure the finished product is exactly as you envisioned and ready to use.
QUALITY & INNOVATION Contract Furniture in Ireland
Be assured that from the start of a process to delivery of the end product, everything we do for you carries the hallmark of quality. You can trust us to present furniture with excellent function, form and style. We are innovators and problem solvers . We take responsibility for you being happy with our work and while some unforeseen challenges may arise, our can-do, must-finish-on-time attitude means we figure things out and always deliver what we promise.
COMMUNCATION & BEHAVIOUR Contract Furniture in Ireland
When you choose us as your as your business partner we follow your lead and always like to demonstrate our ability to work as a team towards common goals while demonstrating honesty and integrity.We understand the importance of transparent and responsive communication. Ours is always responsive and pro-active with a no surprises mindset. Our project control maxim is “all facts are friendly” as it doesn’t matter what happens, it’s how we react, move on and make progress that really counts. You will find our behaviour confident, assertive, business-like and friendly. We like to build strong relationships on a foundation of trust and confidence. Our business character is measured by our commitment to follow through at all times with the same or even greater enthusiasm we demonstrated when you first said yes to DCI Interiors.



Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, Dublin 15, Ireland

Unit 1B, Union Road Business Park, Collooney, Co. Sligo

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